Issues & Solutions

The contemporary reality for the smaller and remote outer islands of French Polynesia is one where economic and environmental progress is impeded.

This foundation seeks to alleviate the socio-economic problems of modern day French Polynesia by helping communities in the remote islands develop sustainable economic activities and conserve their natural resources.

In response to the lack of new opportunities, most of the small remote islands are facing the same issues:

Socio – Economic


Economies of these islands are outdated and largely based on the exploitation of natural resources, which are no longer economically profitable or sustainable in the modern world.


Lack of economic progress resulting in migration of their population to the main islands in search of employment opportunities.


Decline in population endangers public health care, education opportunities for the youth and cultural survival.

Marine Resources


Increasing reliance on the harvest of lagoon fisheries to fill the growing void in economic opportunity is accelerating the decline in marine resources.


Declining marine resources that are critically needed to sustain food security for these islands into the future.


Lack of a natural resources management plans resulting in over exploitation of resources.

Our Solution

Our approach is to empower local communities to create their own path to self-sufficiency using their on-site resources and developing sustainable economic activities with and for the population.

Identifying the local resources and skills unique to each island.

who wants to release the next fish

Provide the population with adapted training and support to successfully develop appropriate economic activities.


Identify and train local community members/teams to support project and implement objectives.


Create a system were the funding acquired through these newly developed economies can benefit the community at large.


Build a strong community based model for self-sufficiency and resource management that can be replicated on many islands in French Polynesia, the South Pacific and beyond.